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Password-Find is happy to inform our users that now you can buy our licenses from a trusted e-commerce company PayPro Global. Known for its user friendliness and excellent 24/7 customer support, PayPro has everything necessary to provide best shopping experience.

Operating all around the world, PayPro Global makes buying a Password-Find license possible for everyone, no matter which country you live in. Now people from the countries which have trading restrictions (including Cuba, Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and etc) can purchase our licenses quick and easy.

Your work is stuck as an important document is locked and you need to remove the password protection rather urgently? Our clients do not have to waste time waiting for a license key to arrive by email. Orders are processed within a minute, so you’ll receive your license key right away after the order was placed.

The list of payment methods has expanded and now includes virtually every option you can think of. To view the complete list, visit the Prices pages — License to Remove Password and License to Find Password. While you there, do no hesitate to click on the Buy Now buttons to explore the new Order pages and place an order if necessary!


As our regulars well know, Password-Find had supported files created in every Microsoft Office version starting with Office 97 – until Microsoft released Office 2013 earlier this year. Files saved in new Word, Excel and PowerPoint feature more secure protection, so unlocking files saved in Office 2013 could be quite a headache if you have forgotten your password. And now our specialists enhanced the decryption algorithms employed by the service, and, due to frequent requests of the users, the support of Office 2013 documents has been added!

The service can’t remove passwords to open Office 2013 documents yet, however, Password-Find enjoys 100% success rate when it comes to removing passwords restricting shared access and VBA project passwords – and, just as before, this operation is instant and it works for any MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel 2013 file.

Do you have some password protected Office 2013 files you can’t edit or VBA projects you would like to open? Submit them to Password-Find, and our service will do its best to help you unprotect your files!


To date, when our clients used the service to find forgotten passwords to Microsoft Excel and Word documents, Password-Find has shown incredible results. The whole password recovery process has been fully automated, and due to the highly efficient algorithms, the Password-Find Supercomputer unlocked the vast majority of the users’ files. That’s impressive, but there’s always some room for improvement. To raise the success rate even higher, in addition to the automated password recovery, we now offer you the opportunity to request assistance from our password recovery expert!

One more good piece of news – no need to pay extra if you already own a valid License to Find Password. As you submit a password protected document to the Password-Find Supercomputer, just fill in the Password Info field, and the information you provide will be immediately sent to the password recovery specialists. Our employee will analyze the supplied data and adjust the service algorithms to increase the password recovery operation’s chances of success. Never mind, though, if you know nothing about the password; in this case, just do not enter any information. Password-Find will process your file using the standardized algorithms and the probability that your password will be found remains pretty high.

Are you ready to try the new feature? You can do it right now! Purchase the license, upload your password protected file and select the Find password function of the service. Our experts will use their best efforts in finding your password!


People from all over the world unlock their documents using Password-Find. However, up until recently, the service had only been available in English. What about those users who do not know English well, but need to have their Microsoft Office files unprotected all the same? It’s not fair if someone can’t use the service for such a reason! That is why we are introducing our visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and worldwide to the German version of our site.

To change the language of the site to German, click the German flag at the top of the screen. That’s it, now you can start unlocking your password protected Word and Excel files! Press “Ihr Passwort knacken”, and the service will do its best to remove the protection from your document. If you have questions, please read the FAQs in German.

Good luck with unlocking your files and thanks for helping us make Password-Find the world’s most easily accessible password recovery service!



Since we relaunched Password-Find last year, the service had been capable of removing virtually all existing password types from Excel, Word and PowerPoint files – except for VBA project passwords. Things have changed. Starting this week, every password protected Visual Basic for Applications project contained in a Microsoft Office document can be easily unlocked. Just as before, you only need to upload your password protected file to the service, and all the passwords (now including the one protecting the VBA code) will be instantly removed.

As usual, our development team brought the new service function to perfection. While most password recovery tools can only change passwords set in VBA projects, Password-Find simply removes the password, so there’s no need to enter it each time when the user wants to view the VBA code. Our specialists do everything possible to make Password-Find the most user-friendly password recovery service ever, and the VBA project unlocking feature is another step toward our ultimate goal.

Do you have any Microsoft Office documents containing password protected VBA projects? Please feel free uploading them to see how fast Password-Find unlocks them. The new feature comes with our standard password removal plan, and there’s no need to pay extra if you have purchased the license earlier. Don’t have a license yet? Purchase it right now to make use of the Password-Find extended functions!


We are happy to inform you that Password-Find released a collection of short voice-overed videos! Now visitors of our site can learn everything about the renowned Password-Find’s functions– “Remove password” and “Find password”. See what you will get for your money before paying! By the way, there’s also the third video that shows the details of license purchase! Still got any questions? Read the FAQ section or contact us directly to get an answer!

The videos are very short (about 2 minutes each), so watching them won’t take much of your time! Visit the Video Tutorials page right now!


Password-Find team keeps working on increasing productivity of the service. We are proud to announce that the equipment used for password recovery is substantially renewed.  Since today, only the most high-end hardware currently available at the computer market is applied to find passwords for our clients’ Microsoft Office 2007/2010 documents. All possible passwords for a Word/Excel/PowerPoint document are now checked considerably faster by the Password-Find data center, so the success rate of “Find password” approach goes up like it never did before! Even if password removal for your document was unsuccessful, you are welcome to try “Find password” option – chances of success have never been higher than they are now! Make an order right away!


We are happy to announce that Password-Find efficiency is improved! The Microsoft Office 2007-2010 format recognition algorithm was revised and enhanced. As for now, we can observe a few percent efficiency increase for Microsoft Office 2007-2010 documents – one more step to the service perfection that we endeavour to offer our clients! Why not try unprotecting your document again now? Maybe it turns out to be among these few percents!


You have tried our service once, but Password-Find did not succeed in unprotecting your document? What a pity! That’s why we are constantly working on improving our service and making it more efficient. We are glad to announce that information concerning all major service updates will now be displayed in the News section. Subscribe to it with RSS readeremail, FacebookGoogle+, or Twitter, and receive the latest news! Try to unprotect your file again, and there is a strong probability that you will be lucky this time!


Since its launch in the distant 2001, Password-Find has helped tens of thousands of clients to get access to the contents of the documents, passwords to which were lost with no chances of restoring them. Though our service daily assists a lot of people, we are willing to help many more. We do understand that not all our customers can afford paying $24.95, so the cost of the license to remove password was reduced to a moderate price of $19.95. Is it still expensive for you? We assure you that it’s the lowest price in the password removal market. Have you managed to find a cheaper solution? Please feel free to tell us about it at support@password-find.com, and we will sell you a license for even lower price!