Password-Find just got better. Try the new VBA password removal function!

Since we relaunched Password-Find last year, the service had been capable of removing virtually all existing password types from Excel, Word and PowerPoint files – except for VBA project passwords. Things have changed. Starting this week, every password protected Visual Basic for Applications project contained in a Microsoft Office document can be easily unlocked. Just as before, you only need to upload your password protected file to the service, and all the passwords (now including the one protecting the VBA code) will be instantly removed.

As usual, our development team brought the new service function to perfection. While most password recovery tools can only change passwords set in VBA projects, Password-Find simply removes the password, so there’s no need to enter it each time when the user wants to view the VBA code. Our specialists do everything possible to make Password-Find the most user-friendly password recovery service ever, and the VBA project unlocking feature is another step toward our ultimate goal.

Do you have any Microsoft Office documents containing password protected VBA projects? Please feel free uploading them to see how fast Password-Find unlocks them. The new feature comes with our standard password removal plan, and there’s no need to pay extra if you have purchased the license earlier. Don’t have a license yet? Purchase it right now to make use of the Password-Find extended functions!