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the most fast and easy way to remove passwords from MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint files.

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Finally, you have found a online service that can unlock password protected Microsoft Excel sheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and VBA projects. It only takes a minute!
Works on Mac, Windows, Android, Unix, iOS.

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1 Upload your file
2 Select approach
3 Remove password

Wait a minute

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4 Find password

Wait up to 24 hours

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Online password recovery or desktop software?

1000x speed up

Desktop password recovery software is as fast as a one PC. Our online service has the resources of a powerful supercomputer made of many GPU farms. We upgrade it with new and faster units every year. So we always have the best speed of password recovery possible. That’s why Password-Find gets results 1000 times faster than an average home computer.

Instant result

Unprotect your file

Password-find was designed to make your life easier. No need to download and install anything or understand how it all works. Just upload your file and our service will do everything for you! No need to wait several days to receive results. Most passwords are removed instantly. You can download the unprotected file immediately after you upload it. Do you value your time? We offer an automatic and almost instant way to remove protection from your file.

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The best success rate on the internet

The best success rate on the internet

Our service can remove protection from more than 80% of submitted files. It’s the best result compared to all the other password recovery solutions and we are proud of it. We use several effective approaches to keep the best success rate possible:

Password recovery using the most efficient dictionaries.

Instant search for document decryption key.

Manual password recovery by password expert using your description.

Password search using various attacks based on statistics.

Password expert help

Find lost password

We make password recovery as easy and fast as possible. That’s why our recovery process is simple and mostly automated. Unfortunately, some passwords are too strong to find automatically. But you may remember something about the password. That it was a name of a loved one or there was an important year at the end. We can use this information to find the password manually by your description. Our password experts will run special attacks based on your instructions on our fastest hardware. We’ll do everything possible to recover your password and save your time.

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Why Password-Find?

since 2002year

We created one of the first online password recovery services

files 2M+

We have unlocked millions of files

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countries 200+

Our service is used all over the world

success rate 80 %

If we can’t unlock a file, it’s most likely impossible