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Unlock password protected Excel files, unprotect sheets and workbook structure, remove read-only and VBA project passwords - all at once.

How to unlock an Excel file?

1 Upload password protected Excel sheet
2 Choose approach
3 Remove all passwords

Wait about 1-2 minutes

Download unprotected sheet

4 Recover password

Wait several hours (24 hours max)

Get the email with your password

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  • Remove password from Excel sheet


  • Allow changes in Excel workbook structure


  • Disable read-only in Excel sheet


  • Unprotect VBA macros code


  • Open MS Excel 97-2003 file (XLS) protected by a password to open


  • Open MS Excel 2007+ file (XLSX) protected by a password to open*


  • (*) It's very hard to crack password for password protected MS Excel sheets created in 2007 - 2019 version. But our success rate is the best on the Internet!

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Password-find automates most of the actions needed to crack Excel password. Nobody wants to spend hours figuring out how to set up a software to brute force their password. That's why we've made our service as easy-to-use as possible. Take the 3 simple steps and that's it - your sheet is unlocked. Thanks to our powerful server with hundreds of GPUs, we crack most of the Excel passwords in a couple of minutes automatically. It's a lot faster than the average speed of desktop password recovery applications, which can run for weeks to unlock a single spreadsheet.

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With our online service you can unprotect part of your Excel sheet for free. Most Excel password recovery developers sell software and don't hold any responsibility for the results. With Password-find you get a fair deal. Submit your password protected file and you can see the first lines of all sheets in your spreadsheet for free!

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We are honest about our success rate: we can unlock 8 of 10 files. We have tried many leading Excel password recovery products such as Passfab for Excel, iSumsoft Excel Password Refixer, Passper for Excel, eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery and others and can say with confidence that our success rate is one of the best. No one can give a 100% guarantee that Excel spreadsheet created in 2007+ version will be successfully unprotected, but we come close, thanks to:

Fast supercomputer checking hundreds of thousands of passwords per second.

Special algorithm for detecting weaknesses in the spreadsheet protection.

Personalised password search based on customer's information.

Statistical research used to create most efficient algorithms.

Crack Excel passwords on Mac and Windows

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Most of the password recovery software works only on Windows. But what about people using Excel for Mac? Or Excel for mobile? They can use Password-find! Our online service can be used from any device, PC or smartphone, with any OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS. Also with Password-find you can unprotect MS Excel spreadsheets created in all versions of Excel: 97, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

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