Password recovery for MS Office 2019 has been added. Try it now!

Standing up to customer expectations is no easy task, but we always do our best to provide our clients exactly what they want. And with a newly released Microsoft Office 2019 it’s only logical to expect that our service, which works quite effectively with every version of Microsoft Office from 1997 to 2016, will support the newest one as well.

And we’re only happy to oblige! Within a week from it’s release Password-Find became capable to unprotect documents created in Microsoft Office 2019.

This update affects both our Remove and Find password features for passwords to open, as well as instant and guaranteed removal of passwords restricting shared access and VBA projects passwords. And with our clean and simple interface no extra effort is required from you – just submit your Microsoft Office 2019 document on the main page and get results in a couple of minutes!