Password-Find got new hardware! Now we can restore access to more documents

Password-Find team is always busy with improving, enhancing and refining our services.
Everyone can see our signature easy-to-use single-button interface, but what lies behind the scenes? Our data-center – hundreds of servers doing all the heavy lifting of sophisticated calculations. They contribute a great deal to our efficiency, so we do our best to keep them in perfect shape. Recently we’ve equipped our data center with brand new hardware that significantly boosts our servers’ performance.

With increased computing power we’re able to greatly speed up password cracking and check more passwords in the same amount of time – and more in this case means billions! Vulnerability checks for Remove password approach, as well as password detection and file type recognition also benefit from this upgrade, so our overall efficiency is greatly improved.

Now we can restore access to documents we couldn’t before. If you tried us and your document remained protected – it’s a great opportunity to submit it again!