Password-Find now supports Office 2013 files

As our regulars well know, Password-Find had supported files created in every Microsoft Office version starting with Office 97 – until Microsoft released Office 2013 earlier this year. Files saved in new Word, Excel and PowerPoint feature more secure protection, so unlocking files saved in Office 2013 could be quite a headache if you have forgotten your password. And now our specialists enhanced the decryption algorithms employed by the service, and, due to frequent requests of the users, the support of Office 2013 documents has been added!

The service can’t remove passwords to open Office 2013 documents yet, however, Password-Find enjoys 100% success rate when it comes to removing passwords restricting shared access and VBA project passwords – and, just as before, this operation is instant and it works for any MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel 2013 file.

Do you have some password protected Office 2013 files you can’t edit or VBA projects you would like to open? Submit them to Password-Find, and our service will do its best to help you unprotect your files!