This page contains statistics reflecting the fraction of successfully recovered passwords for different applications and versions of MS Office. The statistics are automatically updated every 10 seconds.

Please note that service efficiency is steadily improved, and thus the statistics are sometimes cleared. The last reset was on 12/17/2012.


"Remove Password" efficiency

The service first attempts to find password protection vulnerabilities and open the document – this happens almost instantly.

Application Unprotected percent
MS Office 97-2003 100.00 %
MS Office 2007-10  57.64 %


Overall service efficiency

If the service fails to detect protection vulnerabilities using instant methods, it will suggest using a more resource-intensive option: the password attack using a specialized supercomputer. The supercomputer is capable of generating as many passwords a day as a regular computer would do in a year. The table provides summaries for the two methods:

Application Unprotected percent
MS Office 97-2003 100.00 %
MS Office 97-2003 CSP 48.35 %
MS Office 2007-10  77.16 %

Note that all passwords restricting shared access and VBA project passwords are always instantly removed from any supported document regardless of its format.

The service efficiency is steadily improved. Subscribe to our news to keep track of Password-Find updates.