New feature for our clients! Get free help from our password recovery expert

To date, when our clients used the service to find forgotten passwords to Microsoft Excel and Word documents, Password-Find has shown incredible results. The whole password recovery process has been fully automated, and due to the highly efficient algorithms, the Password-Find Supercomputer unlocked the vast majority of the users’ files. That’s impressive, but there’s always some room for improvement. To raise the success rate even higher, in addition to the automated password recovery, we now offer you the opportunity to request assistance from our password recovery expert!

One more good piece of news – no need to pay extra if you already own a valid License to Find Password. As you submit a password protected document to the Password-Find Supercomputer, just fill in the Password Info field, and the information you provide will be immediately sent to the password recovery specialists. Our employee will analyze the supplied data and adjust the service algorithms to increase the password recovery operation’s chances of success. Never mind, though, if you know nothing about the password; in this case, just do not enter any information. Password-Find will process your file using the standardized algorithms and the probability that your password will be found remains pretty high.

Are you ready to try the new feature? You can do it right now! Purchase the license, upload your password protected file and select the Find password function of the service. Our experts will use their best efforts in finding your password!