Awesome news for German-speaking users! The service is now available in German

People from all over the world unlock their documents using Password-Find. However, up until recently, the service had only been available in English. What about those users who do not know English well, but need to have their Microsoft Office files unprotected all the same? It’s not fair if someone can’t use the service for such a reason! That is why we are introducing our visitors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and worldwide to the German version of our site.

To change the language of the site to German, click the German flag at the top of the screen. That’s it, now you can start unlocking your password protected Word and Excel files! Press “Ihr Passwort knacken”, and the service will do its best to remove the protection from your document. If you have questions, please read the FAQs in German.

Good luck with unlocking your files and thanks for helping us make Password-Find the world’s most easily accessible password recovery service!